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Well, incase you happen to be wondering why I decided to revamp the ENTIRE site (which I'm sure you're not) it all happened on a boring Canadian night in May when all my friends were doing homework (gasp) and there was no hockey on. So, I was bored out of my mind since I'm not one known for completing homework (and I just hope none of my teachers happen to read this). Anyways, I don't practice piano either so I decided to listen to some discs. I pulled out any random CD and it ended up being The X-Files Movie Score. Then, I got this funky idea... I mean, I hadn't worked on this site in.. forever, because I'm so lazy. Now was the time and voila, it's the redesign. Images and (maybe) soundfiles are to come. And I'll sooner set up an "Articles" area.

This site was created with a resolution of 1024x768 True Colour (32-bit) in mind. If your monitor uses another resolution and this page looks really bad, e-mail me and I'll see if I can make the tables work better. In the meantime, enjoy =)



May 20, 1999