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current news

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(11/28/99) I know, I know. I'm lazy! Lazy since the day I was born. Anyway, I don't have any information on the release of Giants: Citizen Kabuto just yet. It looks awfully interesting. Chris Carter's new show Harsh Realm has come and gone. I must admit, I thought it was pretty weak. Atleast the new season of X-Files has started though. Downside to that, it may be the last season. *sniffsniff*... Anyways, I keep forgetting the articles but here, I'll add a link to it... I'll make a funky button for it later. I HOPE to remember to scan Mark's autograph and stick it up on here or something... I'll see you all later.

Mark Snow's Interview on "The Score" (WSIA, 88.9FM in New York)

(05/19/99) Well hellow everybody! Mark's new CD "The Snow Files" is out. The track listing can be found in the discography area, which you can access by clicking the link. I'm getting on scanning some mark pictures and a signature scan, as well, so look for those coming up. Mark was on a radio station plugging The Snow Files, and I'll have more on that later.

(04/12/99) i'm sawwy. I'm a bad webmistress =) mind my typing, i broke my pinky finger. okey mark is scoring a new tv movie and i think he might
possibly score Harsh Realms, CC's new show. More later maybe when my finger gets better.

(09/17/98) I apologize for the lack of updates. Mark has celebrated a recent birthday, congrats to him! Another one of Mark's CDs was released
semi-recently; Disturbing Behavior, The Score. You can also find Mark on the La Femme Nikita soundtrack which also includes a song by
Vibrolux; an excellent Canadian band.

(07/19/98) Well, Mark's newest project, Disturbing Behavior is due out July 24. Mark did the score for this movie, but he's not the only X-Files
crew member involved. The movie is directed by David Notter, who directed some X-Files episodes, and the cinematographer former X-Files
cinematographer John S. Bartley.